Dining in the middle of 50,000 spindles of light

One of my favorite experiences to do in the Australian Outback of the Northern Territory is dining beneath a sky filled with stars and beside a desert illuminated by 50,000 frosted-glass spheres of light. Artist Bruce Munro's Field of Light art installation is something to see and experience first hand and you can do so as part of a unique dining experience only found in Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Your evening will start off with cocktails and canapés as you watch the sunset over the majestic Uluru. As the sun begins to set, the desert transforms before your eyes with colors that seem to change with each minute. As darkness falls, you make your way to a special three-course bush tucker meal along with incredible Australian wines and beers. What is bush tucker you ask? Bush tucker is any food native to Australia and used as sustenance by the original inhabitants, the Aboriginal Australians - so fresh flora and fauna, kangaroo, chicken, fish with delicious sides to match. This just isn't any desert dinner party - you'll quickly make new friends and enjoy watching the night sky come to life. During the evening, a "star talker" will come walk you through the beauty of the southern night sky pointing out constellations (hello Southern Cross) and even the Milky Way.

Once dinner is winding down, you'll notice behind you, the brilliant colors of the 50,000 lights gently coming to life. To end your amazing evening, you'll have your chance to fully immerse yourself in the Field of Lights along dedicated paths to enjoy the silence and beauty all around you.

As an Aussie Premier Specialist, and having experienced this unique experiences a few times, I look forward to helping you plan your own trip to The Field of Lights. Hurry, this incredible art installation will be leaving Uluru at the end of December 2020. It's a must see, do not miss experience! 

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